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Scientific Volume Imaging develops the Huygens Software with the firm belief that reliable image processing is key in understanding the true nature of microscopic objects. For more than 25 years, we collaborate with expert microscopists around the globe to promote best imaging practices, and to further improve the user-friendliness and quality of Huygens. Combine our True Deconvolution and extensive restoration toolbox, with high quality 3D visualization and analysis for all your image data.



elmi2021 Workshops

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Improve and analyze all your super-resolution and SMLM images from any computer with Huygens Everywhere.

23 June 2021 at 
13.15 BST / 14.15 CEST

Colocalization visualized with a unique 3D coefficient map and at the object level using Huygens Analysis.  

25 June 2021 at 
10.45 BST / 11.45 CEST

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• Super-Resolution Microscopy
• Light-Sheet
• Multi-photon
• Wide-field
• Confocal
• Multi-photon and/or non-linear microscopy


 SVI - Huygens - Find the Truth Behind Your Image

 SVI - Huygens Software - Everything you Need for Reliable Colocalization Analysis


Colocalization of a synaptic protein with dendritic spine heads visualized in 3D 



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