Core Facilities Session

Taking place on Tuesday 22 June 2021, this session is included with elmi2021 registration, we look forward to seeing you there.

Schedule (CET):

10:00 Welcome
10:15 Session 1: Crib Talks
11:15 Coffee
11:30 Session 2: Data Processing and Infrastructure
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Online Games - with microscopy terms,
14:15 Session 3: Online Tools for Core Facilities – towards a global searchable database
15:15 Coffee
15:30 Session 4: Introduction to QUAREP-LiMi and Progress Report
17:00 Covid lessons and general discussion/Corona beer hour/group discussion with an option for breakout rooms

Session 1: Crib Talks

Session Chairs

Crib Talks are short presentations (5-10 minutes) introducing a facility to the broader community. Talks should touch on how the facility operates, their equipment (especially nicest toys), and give an impression about strategic priorities such as the user base, scientific focus, how the core is developing, and what they enjoy about their role and facility. Talks should conclude with a slide highlighting one or two key challenges, which can then be addressed in an end of session (10-15 minutes) open forum with advice, opinions given from the floor. Ultimately, these talks will help to identify common themes of facility operation and widen community awareness of core facilities outside of the more well known facilities that we often hear from.

Abstract submission is open for Crib Talks, please email them to Pete and KurtThe deadline for submissions is 28 May 2021.

Session 2:  Data Processing & Infrastructure:  Shoulda, Woulda, Cuda?

Session Chairs

Advances in bioimaging techniques come along with the acquisition of more data /larger files.  Consequently, the explosion of produced data requires additional evaluation of the needs for structured and mineable imaging data infrastructures.  IT-infrastructure requirements might differ between institutions and/or core-facilities due to size, available technologies and user demand.  Nevertheless, we can learn from each other in ‘how to’ optimize data transport, data storage, image analysis infrastructure, software, training & curation by exchanging experiences and insights.

This interactive session consists of 2-parts where we aim to exchange ideas on how to best set up the (image-) data infrastructure in a microscopy facility?  What is needed, how do others organize data infrastructure, and what would you do (different) in case you could start all over?

  1. Getting to know each other: introduction by panel members with a brief description of the infrastructure at their facilities, and an introduction-poll to get to know ‘slido’.
  2. Interactive Real-time poll + evaluation with follow-up questions and interactive panel discussion.  During the whole session, we will welcome questions/examples from the audience and aim to keep the discussion interactive.

We are looking forward to your interactive participation by sharing your experience, insights and questions: Shoulda, Woulda, Cuda…

Session 3:  Useful Online Tools for Core Facilities:  Videos, Websites, Apps ...

Sessions Chairs 

Many of us Core Facility people end up making videos to show how to use a function on a microscope or teach a topic to students in a course.  This is time consuming, but once the video is done, a lot of time is saved, especially if it can be used by the community.  This is also true for other useful tools for Core Facilities.

There are already very useful online resources available, but it is not always straightforward to find them.  For example a google search either lists too many options and it is hard to find the best/right link or most of the search results do not fit. 

The aim of this session is to investigate the community interest in a searchable, up to date database of online resources for microscopy and discuss the organization (how to keep it up to date, host domain…).  During the session the audience will help us collect existing online resources.

Session 4:  QUAREP-LiMi - Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Instruments & Images in Light Microscopy

Session Chairs: Roland Nitschke, Olaf Selchow and Arne Seitz

1.  QUAREP-LiMi – General overview about the initiative (15 min)

A) Aims
B) Members
C) Organisation
D) Working groups
E) Networking
F) Current and future activities

2.  Presentations from QUAREP-LiMi working groups (60 min). The working groups for the presentation will be selected via a poll sent out to the microscopy community by 15th of April.

A) Working group 1
B) Working group 2
C) Working group 3

Each presentation might be connected with on-line polls and surveys.

3.  Report about the QA paper of the french metrology group (10 min).

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