At FYLA we create and commercialize leading fiber laser technology by joining Singularity, Quality and Profitability for our Clients and Stakeholders. From Science to Industry, over the last few years, FYLA has become a trusted partner to its customers worldwide. FYLA´s lasers have a direct impact on the growth of the new industry, meeting the requirements of a wide range of applications, ranging from Diagnostics and Imaging to Semiconductor and Optical Communications.




elmi2021 Workshops

Workshop Title

Date and Time

Cost-Effective Multicolour Multiphoton Microscopy

23 June 2021 at 
13.15 BST / 14.15 CEST

Cost-Effective Multicolour Multiphoton Microscopy

24 June 2021 at 
11.00 BST / 12.00 CEST

Cost-Effective Multicolour Multiphoton Microscopy

25 June 2021 at 
10.45 BST / 11.45 CEST


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Products & Services

• In Vivo
• Multi-Photon
• Label Free
• Multi-photon and/or Non-linear Microscopy 
• Lasers for Multiphoton Microscopy 


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FYLA SCH Laser for Multiphoton Microscopy


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