Chroma Technology

Chroma Technology founded in 1991 as a 100% employee-owned company. We are a leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of highly precise optical filters using thin-film coating technology. Our product portfolio provides solutions for industries ranging from the life sciences to manufacturing, inspection. The broad array of applications served include fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, biomedical instrumentation, surgical devices, machine vision, multi spectral imaging, remote sensing and more.



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Products & Services

• Super-Resolution Microscopy
• Light-Sheet
• Multi-photon
• Wide-field
• Confocal
• Microscope components (e.g. filters/incubators/calibration etc)


 LDI - High Performance Laser Diode Illuminators 

 How Flat is Your World?


Embryonic Mouse - Image by Dr. Kieran Short, Monash University, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Melbourne, Australia. An embryonic mouse at stage 13.5dpc, stained with Van Willebrand Factor1 (vWF1) antibody. This antibody marks the vasculature, and here we can see the vasculature forming in the developing embryo. A secondary antibody with an Alexa dye was used as the fluorescence label. The sample was imaged by optical projection tomography. Filters used - 11001v2 Blue/Violet and 41007a Cy3



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