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3i designs and manufactures technologies for living cell, live cell, and intravital fluorescence microscopy including superresolution, computer-generated holography, spinning disk confocal, multi-photon and lightsheet. SlideBook software manages everything from instrument control to image capture, processing and data analysis. Established in 1995, 3i is headquartered in Denver, Colorado (USA) with offices in London, United Kingdom, Paris, France, and Göttingen, Germany.




elmi2021 Workshops

Workshop Title

Date and Time

Nouveau Phasor computer generated holography featuring 3D-TF and 3D-SHOT

23 June 2021 at 
11.15 BST / 12.15 CEST

Lattice LightSheet: a microscope for high-resolution, fast, and gentle 3d live cell imaging 

23 June 2021 at 
13.15 BST / 14.15 CEST

Imaging whole organisms using the Cleared Tissue LightSheet 

24 June 2021 at 
11.00 BST / 12.00 CEST

Vector2 TIRF motorized X,Y spinning TIRF

24 June 2021 at 
13.00 BST / 14.00 CEST

Marianas LightSheet: selective plane illumination with isotropic resolution

25 June 2021 at 
10.45 BST / 11.45 CEST

Marianas spinning disk confocal with CSU-W1 SoRa and C-Shaper adaptive optics 

25 June 2021 at 
13.00 BST / 14.00 CEST


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• Super-Resolution Microscopy
• Light Sheet
• In Vivo
• Multi-photon
• Wide-field
• Confocal


 3i Lattice Lightsheet

 3i Vivo Multiphoton


Prostate section with nuclei (cyan) and smooth muscle actin (orange)



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