Introducing ivMic: Workgroup Intravital Microscopy of the the German BioImaging - Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis (GerBI-GMB)

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Katrin Roth (3), Hans-Ulrich Fried (1), Michael Gerlach (4), Christian Kukat (2), Silke Tulok (4)
1. DZNE Bonn
2. MPI AGE, cologne
3. Philipps University Marburg
4. TU Dresden

Intravital Microscopy

German BioImaging- Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis (GerBI-GMB)

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Microscopy on live animals (intravital microscopy) is a small but steadily growing field. Because of the diverse and fast-moving array of special techniques and specific problems in intravital microscopy, the workgroup Intravital Microscopy (ivMic) was founded within German BioImaging - Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis (GerBI-GMB). IvMic aims to be an active network fostering dynamic exchange of information and techniques specific to intravital microscopy. The main goals of ivMic are to link professionals and specialists as well as to create a platform which provides an overview of methods and technologies. Since 2018, ivMic members have organized an annual conference (“Day of Mouse Intravital Microscopy”). It features lectures and round table discussions on microscopy, research, special technical approaches, and compliance with animal wellbeing regulations in the field of intravital microscopy. Furthermore, ivMic establishes databases on methods and technologies which are explained in this poster and can be accessed in detail via the GerBI-GMB home page (