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Global BioImaging is an international network of imaging infrastructures and communities which was initiated in 2015. Global BioImaging pursues a number of key activities including international cooperation to propose solutions to the challenges faced by the imaging community globally, build a strong case towards the funders that imaging technologies and research infrastructures are key in the advancement of life sciences, and to build capacity internationally. One of its arms is its Training Program which includes training courses in facility management and image data. In an effort to expand its reach within training, Global BioImaging has developed a platform that allows to create training modules within categories that are dedicated to a single overarching topic (e.g. image data, core facility management, imaging technologies). This Training Resource, now live, can be accessed on Global BioImaging website ( under the Training menu.

This platform provides a simple way to create thematic modules consisting of training content that is located at different locations online. Each of the modules, in addition to a module title and description, can consist of four types of entries: 1) custom text, 2) video, 3) PDF, and 4) external link. Custom text can be used for multiple purposes including topic description, further reading including embedding of links in a text, and acknowledgements of where the training material came for, presenters of talks, instructors or trainers of workshops, and their affiliations. Video, although not stored on Global BioImaging website, is displayed via a video player that fetches the video from YouTube. This is particularly useful feature given the fact that many imaging core facilities, imaging networks and infrastructures, now have their own YouTube channels with excellent content. That content, however, is scatted across different channels and more often than not does not provide training within an entire topic due to complexity and difficulty associated with many topics. External links can be used in many instances such as redirecting users of the training resource to web-pages of software, supplementary information, and external free of charge courses that supplement the training material in the module.

The key to producing an excellent module is undoubtedly curation and vetting of the training material that is part of a module. In addition to the four types of entries, difficulty rating (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or unassigned), target audience (core facility user, core facility staff, or both), and estimated time of completion accompany module title and description. These indicators serve a useful purpose that guide a user of the training resource in deciding whether to commit to a particular module. Global BioImaging invites contributions to the Training Resource from interested members of imaging community. A number of curated modules in different categories are already available demonstrating the wide variety of potential content and how individual modules can be structured.