Euro-BioImaging Industry Board - Fostering Collaboration between the imaging industries and research infrastructures

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Claudia Pfander (1, 2)
1. Euro-BioImaging
2. EMBL Heidelberg

industry collaboration, bioimaging, biomedical imaging, research infrastructure

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Euro-BioImaging ERIC as the pan-European Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical Science provides user access to more than 45 different high-end imaging technologies as well as to FAIR image data repositories and analysis tools.

Imaging is a rapidly evolving field in which new technological developments, new applications and advances in image data analysis based on AI have the potential to revolutionize European research in many disciplines from Health to Environmental Science. For a long time, the imaging industry has recognized the importance of providing coordinated open access to expert imaging platforms to the scientific community and has supported Euro-BioImaging from its early preparatory phase. 

The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board (EBIB) has been set up in 2014 as an independent body to drive the close exchange between companies, imaging facilities and infrastructure users on emerging technological trends and user needs. EBIB aims to support technological co-development testing of new instruments and technologies to boost innovation and strengthen the companies’ position on the market, while ensuring a high level of expertise and competitiveness at the Euro-BioImaging Nodes for the delivery of services through training and knowledge exchange.

Furthermore, the EBIB provides an industry perspective to the strategic planning of Euro-BioImaging and helps raise the profile of the imaging sector with policy makers and funders.