Boosting Sample Imaging with Dragonfly and Integrated Multi-Well/ Multi-Position Acquisition

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Claudia Florindo (1), Geraint Wilde (1), Mark Browne (1)
1. Andor Technology
  • Tile Imaging
  • Multi-Position
  • Multi-Well Acquisition
  • High Content Screening
  • High Throughput Imaging
  • Dragonfly
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High-quality imaging, fast acquisitions and high throughput are critical parameters for many research applications. It is therefore essential to develop tools that allow researchers to increase productivity. We can envisage two scenarios of fast, highly sensitive imaging that can be combined with new software tools allowing an increase in throughput. 

  1. Acquire montage at different positions in a slide;
  2. Acquire montage in a multi-well dish.  

When acquiring multiple positions and montage on a single slide, researchers can take advantage of screening multiple cuts in a single slide, for example, screening multiple neural corona sections, or screening multiple zebrafish tail sections, etc. 

When acquiring with a Multi-well, researchers can benefit from multiple options, acquiring either with live or fixed cells. Examples of possible applications are: 

  • Analysing the effects of specific proteins in cell division;
  • Analysing how different treatments affect organoid development;
  • Visualise the development of control and experimental organisms simultaneously by having multiple organisms’ in different wells of a single well plate. 

Dragonfly ultrafast confocal can be used to acquire multi-well plates and to perform multifield multi-well acquisitions. The fast and straightforward set up of the protocol delivers a unique user experience for multidimensional protocols. 

Combining the new features of Fusion software with Dragonfly capabilities deliver a highly productive workflow for imaging due to the highly sensitive imaging, the fast multi-dimension capture, and the large Fields of View. 

In this workshop, we will present Andor Dragonfly Multimodal Platform. We will show the new features of Fusion 2.3, namely the Multi-Position/Montage and Multi-well acquisition.