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3i | Photomanipulation for Lattice LightSheet – A Microscope for High-Resolution, Fast, and Gentle 4D Live Cell Imaging

3i (Intelligent Imaging Innovations) announces photomanipulation for Lattice LightSheet with the integration of the Vector2 XY scanner. Photomanipulation capabilities enhance the microscope’s advanced features which include super-resolution imaging via structured illumination microscopy (SIM) as well as the ability to do single-molecule imaging.

First developed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Betzig, Lattice LightSheet is an ideal system for biologists looking to image cells, organoids, small embryos and plants at high-speed and high-resolution for longer than previously possible. The microscope generates an optical lattice to create an ultra-thin light sheet to allow for gentle 4D living cell imaging, where experiments limited to seconds or minutes on other imaging platforms can be extended to hours or even days. 

Hardware and software integration of the Vector2 XY scanner onto the Lattice LightSheet microscope enables experiments beyond 4D capture. Vector2 allows users to scan custom regions-of-interest during capture to photoactivate, FRAP, uncage and more with any imaging laser via a high-speed galvo-driven mirror. These abilities offer biologists greater flexibility in studying receptor dynamics, membrane fluidity, and protein functionality without having to sacrifice on the gentle nature of Lattice LightSheet’s fluorescence imaging. 

Lattice LightSheet can break the diffraction limit via its super-resolution structured illumination mode, improving the XZ resolution by about 1.5x. Lattice LightSheet enables researchers to perform SIM imaging at a higher speed and with a lower light dose than other microscopes enabling live cell super-resolution experiments. In addition to SIM imaging, Lattice LightSheet is compatible with high-powered lasers to push the limits of resolving power by performing single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) experiments. These experiments allow for separating the individual dynamics of each single protein, receptor and/or enzyme in a cell instead of visualizing a heterogeneous population of molecules.

Lattice LightSheet is controlled by 3i’s SlideBook software for sample loading, image acquisition, photomanipulation, image processing (deconvolution, SIM and more) and visualization. The combination of high-resolution, speed and sensitivity with Vector2 photomanipulation, super-resolution SIM, and high-powered lasers for SMLM make Lattice LightSheet the ultimate imaging tool for a new era of living cell microscopy.

To find out more, please visit www.intelligent-imaging.com/lattice or contact 3i directly at [email protected]. Demonstrations are available for scheduling.

3i designs and manufactures technologies for living cell, live cell and intravital fluorescence microscopy including super-resolution, computer-generated holography, spinning disk confocal, multiphoton and lightsheet. Established in 1995, 3i has offices in the United States, France, United Kingdom and Germany. 

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