‘Crib talks’ and suggestions for QUAREP topics wanted for elmi2021

Opportunities for short talks about your facility and to give your views on QUAREP topics

Abstracts for ‘Crib Talks’ are being invited for elmi2021, taking place virtually from 22-25 June.

Crib Talks are short presentations (5-10 minutes) introducing a facility to the broader Community, covering:

  • how the facility operates
  • the equipment used (especially the nicest ‘toys’!)
  • strategic priorities such as the user base, scientific focus and how the core is developing
  • what the speaker enjoys about their role and facility

The aim of the talks will be to help identify common themes of facility operationand widen community awareness of core facilities outside of the more well-known facilities.

The talks should conclude with a slide highlighting one or two key challenges, which can then be addressed in an end-of-session (10-15 minutes) open forum with advice and opinions given from the floor.

Please send your Crib Talk abstract to Peter O’Toole and Kurt Anderson ([email protected] and [email protected]).


QUAREP suggestions sought

Meanwhile, the QUAREP initiative (Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Instruments & Images in Light Microscopy) would like to know which of its topics the community would like to hear about during the Core Facilities Session at elmi2021.

Please email up to three suggestions from the below list to Roland Nitschke and Olaf Selchow

([email protected] and [email protected])


  • Illumination Power
  • Detection system performance
  • Uniformity of field - flatness
  • System chromatic aberration and Co-registration
  • Lateral and Axial Resolution
  • Metadata
  • Image Quality

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